The Best Hotel in Warsaw, Poland

Post Summary: I think I accidentally booked the best hotel in Warsaw, Poland! Obviously, I haven’t seen them all, but I feel so confident in this hotel that I don’t mind recommending it, even when I haven’t seen others. Keep reading to find out where to stay in Warsaw.

It’s no suprise that when traveling to Poland from countries that use USD, Euros, or CAD, most things seem super affordable. We came from the US, so we were already surprised at how inexpensive a lot of the really nice hotels were on Booking.

I found a hotel called Hotel Bellotto which looked nice and it had a good price, so I booked it without a second thought.

When we walked in, we quickly realized this was the nicest hotel we’ve ever stayed at! Here’s our unbiased, unsponsored review of Hotel Bellotto:

Location of the Hotel

I don’t know how you could get a better location than this for a hotel in Warsaw. Hotel Bellotto is walking distance from Old Town Warsaw as well as a lot of the historic landmarks you’ll want to see.

If you stay directly in Old Town, some of the streets can be hard for cars to navigate through because there will be people walking or the street will just be closed. Since this hotel isn’t technically in Old Town (it’s two blocks away), cars will have no problem getting to you. They also have a lot of parking if you’re driving yourself.

Hotel Bellotto is about two blocks from the Royal Palace – a must-see when you’re in Warsaw. This is also the start of the Royal Route which takes you down a path to see historic monuments in Warsaw.

Hotel Interior and Our Room

The interior of Hotel Bellotto was one of my favorite parts of the hotel. Everything is very clean with a lot of white marble. You can literally feel the quality of hotel with every door you open. Seriously, they’re so heavy! We were also visiting around Christmas, so they had very tasteful decorations up.

Our room was no different. I walked in and my jaw dropped. First, the king-size bed was up against a velvet wall. There was also a seating area with very comfortable chairs. The room, itself, was huge!

The bathroom might have been my favorite part. The shower was a rain shower in an enormous tub. I usually spend about 10 minutes in the shower, but I wanted to stay under the rain shower all day. The mirror was also an anti-fog mirror, so after my long shower, I didn’t have to wipe it down to see myself.

One thing I loved about the hotel was all the seemingly tiny details they put in to make it an amazing experience. One thing I remember the most is the glasses they gave for the water bottles they put out. Those glasses were so heavy and made of thick glass. I’m still looking for them online for my own home.

Oh, and they had a Nespresso machine in the room which is a sure fire way to get a good review from me!

Customer Service from the Staff

Of course, with a nice hotel like this, the staff are going to be as accommodating as possible. Since Warsaw was our last stop in Poland, we needed to get Covid tests to get back to the US before our flight. The receptionist arranged for someone to come and give us private PCR tests in the comfort of our room the night before we flew home.

They also helped us print documents we needed for our flight home and overall, were helpful to eliminate some of the stress of travel the next day.

Attached Restaurant and Cafe

Hotel Bellotto has an Italian restaurant and a Cafe attached to it. The Italian restaurant, Focaccia Ristorante, is also where they serve the hotel breakfast. We had one breakfast and one lunch here and both were delicious. The breakfast is a buffet with traditional Polish breakfast items such as tomato slices, bread, cheese, cold cuts, and more. You can also order a number of things from an a la carte menu to be brought out.

Focaccia also had an option for dinner which was a 5-course menu picked by the chef and paired with 5 different wines. We wanted to do this so bad, but ended up saving that money instead. We will definitely try it when we go back to Warsaw!

The attached cafe is called Miodawa Cafe. You can grab an espresso drink and any number of amazing desserts here.

Just like the hotel, both Foccacia and Miodawa are immaculately decorated and simply feel luxurious while you’re there.

Overall Thoughts

I would highly recommend Hotel Bellotto to anyone visiting Warsaw. I don’t often stay in the same hotel twice, but this will be a rare exception. If you’re coming from a country within the EU, US, Canada, etc., this hotel is very affordable for what you’re getting. Honestly, it would be five or six times the price if it was in the US.

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